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Meet the Woman that Lights Up a Man’s World

Updated: Apr 29, 2018


Only nine-percent of women hold positions in construction – and even fewer occupy positions in leadership, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For Foddrill Construction, having a diverse staff of both women and men, as part of a dynamic team, is not only a common business practice – but is a typical day in the field. Even better? An influential and visionary CEO who is paving the way for growth, continued quality service and demonstrated interest in giving back to her community. You read that right!

With 26-years of experience as a full-service Street Light Installation Company, Foddrill Construction takes pride in delivering outstanding service to clients across Southern California. Certified by the Supplier Clearinghouse as a Minority Women Business Enterprise, Leonora Foddrill makes a concerted effort to excel as a team by keeping clients satisfied with their craftsmanship, safety protocols, efficiency and strong attention to detail.

So, who hires businesses like Foddrill Construction?

As a growing enterprise, Foddrill Construction works with numerous cities large and small, municipalities, and the private sector to install and maintain street lighting systems, conduct LED Conversions, update and maintain Golf Course lighting, parks and more. Basically, Foddrill Construction lights up your world – everything from the streets you drive through, the parks your children play at, the courses you tee-off on during the weekends – Foddrill lights them.

So, now you know…

One of the most humble businesswomen in the industry leads a team of experienced, passionate and highly-qualified installers of a wide range of lighting. Not only is she a testament to hard work in her field, but also in her community. Leonora actively seeks ways to give back to her community and has a special place in her heart for fighting all types of cancer – including canine cancers. Additionally, Foddrill’s employees participate and raise money annually for the Love Them All Foundation – an organization dedicated to helping special needs children participate in sports. Not only is this self-proclaimed “Lady of Light” dominating in the work realm, she’s continued to uphold her commitment to quality service and her community. Turns out, she lights up our world in more ways than one. You go, girl!


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