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Roaring 20s Era Street Light in Los Angeles

Take a look at this video from a job we are working on in Los Angeles. Here you can see our team is laying conduit and putting up a 1920s era street light.

Installing a 1920s street light is a little unusual. Typically Foddrill Construction works on jobs to install new lights or to modernize systems, like retrofitting high pressure sodium lighting to LED Conversions. We also provide maintenance for street light systems across Southern California and we light up parks, walkways, developer communities and more. We have several options that are functional and decorative, but this1920s light does stand out.

We are proud to be able to accommodate all kinds of requests, but no matter what the job is Foddrill Construction always focuses on safety, efficiency and attention to detail. With that approach we know we can go above and beyond to keep our clients happy.

Foddrill Construction is a Southern California Edison (SCE) certified contractor through the supplier Clearing House (WMBE) and approved contractor for NOV/AMERON International. For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 909-591-4095

Working in Los Angeles putting in an old 1920's streetlight.


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