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Foddrill Construction’s Employee Safety Training Benefits Clients and Community

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

Safety is First for Foddrill Construction

2018 has been a year of growth and opportunity for Foddrill Construction (FC), which has driven the leading construction company to further invest in employee safety and occupational hazard training. We’ve covered the importance of safety on the job and how important it is for employees to receive proper training on specialized equipment, expert fleet equipment, traffic safety and more. If you’ve stayed current on our blogs, you already know that safety training for employees occurs each year, and 2018 was no exception. Proper training reduces the number of work injuries, especially in high risk companies like ours. But have you considered that safety training also benefits your community and family in more ways?

When Passion Meets Chance

“We’re really passionate about what we do and about taking care of each other,” says Leonora Foddrill, owner of Foddrill Construction. This mindset has made its way through the ranks at Foddrill Construction and is evident by employees demonstrating their commitment to this safety-minded culture even when witnessing unfortunate circumstances during a day on the job. “The training goes a long way,” shares Michael Rodriguez, “Our guys are not only using it in the field, but we’re helping our community as well.” Employees at FC have, on more than one occasion, stopped what they were doing to help a person in need whether it was a fire or traffic accident.

Foddrill Invests in More than Their Workforce

A construction company that provides safety and occupational training to their employees is the norm. In fact, companies like Foddrill Construction that do not offer employees proper training can be fined. Foddrill Construction goes above and beyond what is the required minimum by OSHA – which sets them apart from other construction companies that do the same, or similar, specialized work. “We’ve actually had so much training, like rigging, fall protection, and CPR.” Shared Brandon Frankfurt. It is because of the extra training that Foddrill Construction employees are empowered and prepared to help members of the community they work in. “This is what Foddrill is all about, doing the best job that we can do out there and lighting up your world to keep you and your families safe.” Closes Leonora, “We care about each other and we care about our community.”


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