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Founder of Foddrill Construction’s Dying Wish: Care for my Work Brothers and Sisters

For 26 years, Foddrill Construction has strived to bring their workforce together as a family unit. “My late husband’s dying wish was for me to keep the business going and to take care of his work brothers and sisters,” shared Leonora Foddrill, owner of Foddrill Construction. “I’ve taken that promise and taken it really personally to see these men…three-quarters of my workforce have been with me 15-plus years.”

With a high retention rate and family-oriented workforce, Foddrill construction does anything and everything to do with streetlights, covering all of Southern California. Every employee is treated as a member of the Foddrill Family, as Leonora confides that she considers some of the younger crew as her kids. “No one messes with my kids,” she shares. As a testament to her maternal mentorship, Leonora divulges that as her work family grows and reaches new milestones, she shares in their excitement and joy. “They are an extension of my own family – and I gotta keep my guys going.”

Leonora not only mentors and invests in her workforce, but she is also a demonstrated servant leader. She encourages the men and women who work with her to give back to their community, as it is high on her priority list as their leader. “We are blessed to have jobs and we have to give back to our communities,” Says Leonora. She empowers her staff to be leaders in their field, with the backing and trust of the company they work for, to make a difference in their community.

As the Inland Empire’s streetlight specialists - Foddrill Construction goes out and Lights up Your World. “This is what it’s all about…it’s about our people, our communities and what we can do out there to make a difference.”

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